Just Be Kind To All The Animals

This is the least that you can do, to be kind with every living being.

The meaning of ‘kindness’ is usually used for those Animals who we care about only. Though this should be considered about every living being on this planet.

If we can keep our act straight then there won’t be any harm to any living specie.

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2 responses to “Just Be Kind To All The Animals”

  1. dlleonard Avatar

    Love this , I feel the same way.I volunteered at a shelter for a few yrs I have 9 tattoos . One says Cause no Harm,
    .Another says Protect Life, the other says Recycle I Soul meaning Do NOT buy cats or dogs !!!!! The shelters are filled with them. We recycle paper etc.I don’t eat meat . or ware leather ….. I ‘m sorry for babbling. Just got home from picking up a deer that someone hit , and put the little soul in my car to take her to the e r..and cried 4 3 days.I would like to send U a few things I wrote about certain things that pertain to this .Would like to hear your opinion.. . What I wrote made my vet cry, and my friends and word press do the same. What do you think? If not , It’s ok.I’m new to WP . I’m and have no idea what I’m doing.. let me know what you think..
    Thanks Debra


    1. henablogforpaws Avatar

      Wow! You’re a soulful person. So delighted that you took sometime and shared your material, I would love to read, simply send me on my e-mail by clicking on the Contact Form


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