Saturday Post: Rescued Kitty ‘Tom The Ginger Cat’

One of my #rescue cat #TomtheGingerCat. He follows me everywhere, he knows my route and waits patiently at the same spot every single day🧿🥰Its fine if people tell me that he follows me because I feed him, what makes me more happy is that without calling his name, he knows my footsteps from far away and knows the gestures that I make when I call him to me. Our bonding is so well #connected that he knows I won’t hurt him, he knows I won’t touch him, (I have never) pet him, he simply #meows to call me and then we spend quality time together🧿




Not everyone is lucky to have such a bonding and not everybody is blessed to understand what the Animals are trying to tell through their mode of communication, may be it their voice, gestures, eye contact or even body movement.
Every life matters and every living being has the right to live the way they wish. It is the Humans who need to correct their actions.
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