Saturday Post: Say No To ‘FireWorks’

New year has begun and people are found celebrating the new year’s eve with lots of 💥. The point is instead of using dangerous items as crackers and honking all night, isn’t it alot better to pray for what is coming up next.

We have already dealt with a lot and now we should focus on ourselves instead of causing more issues to others. If you want to celebrate go ahead, but it can be done with a lot more things rather than just causing noise and hurting the poor animals and Humans. Do you have any idea what causes anxiety in Animals? There are certain animals who get anxiety and stress when they hear loud noises such as music, firecrackers, aerial firing. These factors causes seizures as well as increase in anxiety level.

A lot of people came up with that they have lost their pets due to fire works and some got so scared that they started to get seizures! Rats often get scared and don’t leave their homes because it tenses up their muscles which causes them severe trauma, similarly for the other animals. The loud noise causes severe tension in their nervous system which skips to pump the blood passing through their brain cells. Either the pets get through this or some run for their life to such a place where they won’t hear the loud noises.

So please, it is always better to not use firecrackers as it is also very dangerous and it might hurt some one too.

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