Sunday Post: How To Control The Population Of Cats And Dogs

One of the biggest issue of my activism is in dealing with the stray cats! The fact that Male cats are dominating and protective of their territory, it makes it a lot difficult for me to keep my Snowy away from them.

Now, in order to avoid the issues between the cats and cat fights, it is always recommended to get your cats Spayed/Neutered. A lot people say that it is harmful, not something which should be practiced and it’s inhumane. So the people who tell us and bash us for neutering the pets, my question to them is “Where are they, when the population grows by each cat on heat and when their are so many cats out on the streets, they become a case of hit and run and to avoid and safe the animal from further misery, we have to take this act in account because We know what we Animal Activist have to go through. With minimal amount, spending from our own pocket, we have to take them in and provide shelter, nobody steps up then!”

So please, if you know anyone around you whose neighbourhood has Dogs or Cats then please contact us. Inform us and we will help you in controlling the population of the Animals. Don’t poison them, don’t kill them. Be respectful to their existence. They also deserve to live so let them live peacefully.

A humble request to the all the Humans of this Land!

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