Milo An Abandoned Pupper Finds A Forever Home

Where there are #people who would spend a lot of money in order to have the best #Breeds. There are a few amongst those people, who would love to #adopt an abandoned animal despite of knowing that the pupper faced some behavioural issues was kept at the Shelter. I am very glad to share with you all about Ali Arbab, who has adopted an #abandoned pupper #Milo from #ACF. And the reason that I am specifically sharing about him is because this boy lives in my neighbourhood and the best part is that he has #Milo.
It would really make a lot of positive change in our society, where children would be supported by their parents to adopt instead of buying a Pet. There are plenty of furry animals at the Shelter Homes, looking for a loving family, but no one tends to adopt them because they are in search of the perfect Breed that they have been wanting.
I always believe in the fact and I see it happening that Together we can and we will make a better society to help Animals live peacefully.
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