Be Vigilant On What You Are Giving Your Pet To Eat

These are Wanpy Treats Jerky Strips that has caused a life threatening disease to one of my client’s pet Cat.

Our 6 month old kitten had shivers last Friday. The shivering increased on Saturday and it showed discomfort when walking or picked up. She would growl with pain. She had 105 fever and was given antibiotic and pain killer for 3 days. We got the fever in control on day one. She is walking but nowhere as active as she normally is and has lost her appetite. She is drinking water though and sleeps all day. Has anyone experienced something similar?
Update: got x ray and blood tests done, diagnosed with acute kidney disease. both the kidneys are extremely inflamed. Dr. M. Asjad pin pointed the possible cause to be the jerky treats which are known to affect kidney function in cats and dogs. Pet Parents plz stop giving your pets these jerky

treats of any kind.

Please stay very concerned to what you are feeding your Pets as everything that we see in the Pet Mart is not really suitable for our Pets. We need to make the right choices as the health of the pet is to be considered.

Therefore, always check with your Vet whether you are either changing the Food or giving out a Treat.

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