Dog Culling? Why?

Who are we to decide which animal deserve to live on this land. It is so heart breaking to come across so many plenty of videos where people are carrying their babies dead body and crying and asking for justice.

Tipu Sharif is an amazing human being who loves animals and is someone you can count on. When it comes to helping a person or an animal, he never backs infact he steps ahead and lends out his hand.

His dreadful videos of losing his stray dogs whom he use to feed every single day, are now all dead. Like him there are many people who have faced the same situation and are still going through the never ending trauma and pain. With so many people and their allegation, it really boils my blood that if you cannot provide any separate place for these souls then don’t murder them. Even our religion had told us to respect each other’s existence, but with a heavy heart this happens in Pakistan and just not Karachi but all the main cities of my Country. Such an awful act is being conducted that no one is agreeing for the continuation of Dog Culling.

Join my Group: @HenaBlogForPaws and be a part of this campaign where we will raise voice against Dog Culling.

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