Part 2: Take Care Of Your Senior Dogs Just Like They Did

Earlier we had mentioned about the little details that you have to go through before adding a new family member. In this Part, we will be sharing some personal experiences regarding how Senior Dogs are more in need of attention and love.

It is really amazing to see the transformation and when with dogs, time simply flies. In over an experience of Two decades, I just sit down and think that each and every breed that I got, had their own characteristics and each one was different and every one of them holds a special place in my heart till today. I remember I had my very first dog Sanday (An English Countryside Dog), then Blackie ( cross of Border Collie), they both were a year apart and got them when they were puppies. After 12 years, Sandy my first Pet Dog passed away and with Blackie, we had 3 new Puppies. Labrador, German Shepherd, SouthAfrican Boerboel. Woah, what a task it was. Feeding all these and then the interaction and their frolics literally made me go crazy but never got tired of them. With each breed I learnt something new. With time, I then had a Labrador Pair by which I had their three liters. First time I has a dog pair give puppies and that too three times and I didn’t get to know when it actually happened.

With time I realised, Animals are so pure and the love they have for you is so unconditional that nothing in the world can match that. Their frolics, the way they jump as they see you coming home as if they are seeing me after ages. It’s just speechless. We really need to take care of their needs as they grow old as just like Humans, Animals also develop illness and that can he Neurological, Distemper, Canine Virus, Allergies which often get worse. If these illness are treated on time then it’s all good. I always tell this to people that don’t keep dog handlers, as they are not trustworthy and neither would care for them as they are only there to earn money.

Please take care of your pets more when they age.

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