What To Feed Your Pet Dog!

As there are many brands that are easily available at the Supermarket, it more becomes a bit difficult when choosing which one to prefer. Most of the pet owners also make a mistake that they don’t go through the Nutrition value that is mentioned on the pack which results in upset in tummy of the Dog.

Recently as I was going through a supermarket, it had all the major Brands of the Dog Food which holds the same or equal level of Nutrition and popularity when considered in Dog Food Buying. I always recommend home cooked meals mixed with Dry Dog Food for the pets but I always make sure, that what I give to my dog is healthy and light on the tummy as well. When we talk about growing adults, we can manoeuvre with the feed but at the same time monitoring it regularly atleast for a week. It is important, yes! When we come to talk about “Senior Dogs” it is always recommended to keep an eye on the Dog Food, along-with all the side things that you’re giving to your pet dog. Senior dogs do end up having digestion problems, metabolism system gets affected, so we have to be careful when we change their meals that is either we change the Brand of the Dog Food or switch the meals. When we talk about changing in the Dog Food, we talk about not the Brand but the quality, nutrition that is involved in the food. I am affirmative for Royal Canine, Diamonds Natural by Kibble, Josera and others. Vincent Diet has proven to be a good addition to the Dog Food. It is an Italian Brand with all the basic nutrition value that I always wanted to give to my Dog.

I use Vincent Diet All Breeds for my Dog and I simply love it!

Do share your experience with the dog food in the comment section below.

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