Picture Worth Thousand Words

It is very important to teach your children the empathy, compassion, care and love towards Animals. The right upbringing will go a long way and this way a whole new humanity would take it’s second birth.

We often take it lightly when it comes to teachings of a child, because we either have no time to do that or are so busy with our own schedules that we forget that the child is being neglected on basic life ethics. With over a period of time, neglected children have been found to be more empathic towards Animals as they happen to show more love and kindness when it comes to animals. We have been conducting various sessions with children aged 5-12 year olds and the only thing that we concluded is that according to them the animals are ‘source of entertainment’, now this can lead to many different views. But when we actually asked the meaning of ‘source of entertainment’ they meant that these animals are too cute to be hurt and that humans are the worst enemies!

Coming this from a young child, shows how his parents raised him and the thought process is so kind that we at that time felt that hoping all these like-minded children grow up to be sensible and compassionate for the Animals in their community. Hoping there would be a day, where they won’t be any Dog Culling ever!

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