A Little Effort Can Make You Accomplish Anything You Can Dream Of

Animal Abuse has been in the headlines in the media and now the people who own pets and those who care for the animals have spoken up finally and are now vouching for some sane implements to keep the Animals safe from the horrendous act that we witness on day to day.

Recently, a very famous actor Ahsan Khan hosts his program on one of the channel and his program ‘Time Out’ With Ahsan Khan has been fined for Rs.500,000/- for using Animals as props in the show. It is a fact that the Animals are not to be used as entertainment and honestly, I wasn’t expecting that such an actor would use Animals in his programme as a prop! The poor Animals life is already in jeopardy and then when people who don’t know how to hold a animals and then freaking out and make the poor animal panic causes a chaos and not a fun time, sorry to say. Many celebrities don’t even know how to hold an animal and then using them as their own fun game, I don’t think it’s appropriate.

I am glad that this news made headline and now the people would start pondering about their acts before committing any crime.

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