Why Would You Want A Pet?

It is to be remembered at all times that once a pet, remains a pet for always. Yet, there are numerous cases that have come forward in which it clearly shows that how the pets are being abandoned every now and then specially during the Christmas season. How is it possible that one can just feel like leaving a pet behind and going on vacation? Leaving the pet without any food and water!! How on earth can anyone do this? Please it’s a request, don’t adopt a pet if you cannot take care of them at all costs. Be kind and responsible enough to be there with them in whatever circumstances. They are not any difference from human child. It is one of most horrific act that one can think of.

As an Animal Whisperer, I hate to tell you all that these poor animals are not less than any child, they do know when they are being abandoned, they do know when you are about to leave them behind, they do know that you no longer need them in your life because of xyz reasons. They know before you can think of about anything, you forget that Lord has blessed them with a sense called sixth sense and that sense is very accurate, Lord has made sure that every living and non living thing can speak for themselves and we Humans often, take it lightly, we forget that when we do wrong with someone, the same act shall repeat one day and with anyone from our family. Similarly, when we do wrong with Animals, Our Lord does the same with us because, Animals are the lease of a kind that could do anything for anyone in return. Human is the worst enemy of mankind who has taken everything for granted! Without realising that the same-thing and the same person would come back with Karma!

Therefore, Animals are pets and remain a Pet always!





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