Animals Are Not Meant For Entertainment

What do you do if you are left aloof somewhere at a place where you have noone to play with and no familiar faces-feel awkward right? What do you expect from the Animal? Don’t they have feelings and compassion towards their Humans? They do! They have more sensational feelings for their humans rather than Human does for them, how pathetic! The mindset is so weird. For animals we are their whole life and for us they are a part of our life! If this mindset doesn’t changes then it would be a lot difficult to live in a society where Animals are not considered as living beings who also make a difference in our lives!

It would be completely false if I’d say that an animal as pet, can be a burden only and not someone you can count on! I bet I can challenge you on that, you know why? Because there has been multiple situations over a period of time that makes me believe that I cannot trust on my gut but when my dog senses something awkward then it is meant to be true! You need to give time to your Dog, you just cannot give up on them like that, would you do the same with your child when he doesn’t listens to you? Do you abandon them or leave them alone somewhere out of your sight? No right! You don’t treat your child like the way you treat a poor animal.

If you want me to make another post about my experience then mention in the comment below.

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