Note To All The Residents Of Dha, Clifton

This is a notice forwarded to all by the Authority of Defence and Clifton to get their Pet Dogs registered so that the unidentified dogs could be dealt with whatever manner they wish.

There was a recent horrific case of a pet dogs attacking an old man, who is currently going through multiple injuries, we just hope and pray that may he be blessed with speedy recovery. Unfortunately, we live in a country where the Animals are to be blamed for every wrong act done by the Humans. Examples are infront of you whether it’s politics, whether it’s negligence, it is the poor four legged who has to deal with all the allegations which do not fall onto them but just because they are owned by their owner hence they have to pay the price for it. The owner of the dogs is the one who needs to be held responsible for the act but unfortunately, it is the poor animal once again who would have to be held under the Act of Law if they are not registered.

The new Law has directed that each pet dog is suppose to wear a muzzle when on a walk and if they are seen roaming around free, then they might be shot dead!

I don’t know when the situation in my country would get better and when will we learn to value the right of an Animal.

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