Cat Animated Video Goes Viral

Ever want to know whether your pet misses their furry friend who passed recently. The video that am about to share is definitely going to melt your heart.

Click here

This video has touched my heart so much that I am just wondering that when we as Humans miss our loved ones after their death then am sure these animals do miss their furry friends as well.

I remember how my dog Blackie missed her best friend Sandy. They both had a great bonding and lived 10 years together. Sandy was around a year when we had Blackie who was hardly a puppy, Sandy would protect baby Blackie from the crows always and would pick her up and keep her under the car when my brother would cycle around as he was a kid by then. With each passing year, they became the best of best friends and would do work for each other lol, like getting the kitchen door open and asking for food while Sandy would wait until Blackie gets the work done! They shared an amazing bond and yes never fought. They both were so protected for each other that Blackie was heart broken when Sandy left. I still remember, Blackie would howl and cry with the tears falling down her eyes, the night Sandy was passing by. The reason of Sandy’s death was old age and liver failure. Many of you would know that Senior Dogs tend to develop such illness which majorly includes Liver Failure, Hip Dysplasia. Though she fought like a warrior and was an amazing friend. She has left a void in my heart which makes me miss her. Her memory is what I have to cherish for the rest of my life.

So cherish the moments that you have with your Pets as that is what you will miss the most, when they won’t be there with you!

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