What Worst Could Have Happened?

Two healthy German shepherd dogs euthanized in Karachi by the man who was seen on video being handled by them. The man lawyer Mirza Akhtar Ali advocate high court phase 6 DHA Karachi and took a written apology, 10 LAC donation to ACF Animal Rescue AND ACF stepped back. The @rpkcrittercare&animalhospital carried out the euthanization. Now if this isnt a tragedy I dont know what is. One dog was only 3 months old. They were kept with a vet for three weeks and they showed no aggression before they were mercilessly killed. People are here blaming the owners. Mistakes happen but is this how we deal with mistakes? This is beyond owner’s fault now. The dogs could have been relocated/adopted sent out of the city. But the ruthless and merciless man demanded euthanization. He blackmailed the owners using his connections at the court. I am really ashamed to be belonging to a country where such evil people walk. I am ashamed of being Pakistani today.Just done with the so-called justice in my Country. It has literally given me shock and I am unable to understand that where we have rapists, Paedophile, molestors roaming around freely, we have a quick implement on giving death sentence to the Animals! What a justice!!

I have totally lost hope in my country after all what ever has happened and it has just left me devastated. I request you all to come up with suggestions, opinions and views about what do you think of this scenario!

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