Cage For The Animals?

Why is it considered an offense when we talk about caging a dog for couple of hours? Anyone who can come up with a logical answer as I am unable to get it through my mind and process the fact that how can it be annoying for anyone if the Dog has been caged. When we talk about having a pet dog at home, we are referring to keeping at a designated place where no one gets disturbed and annoyed by the presence. What here I mean is as follows:

1) When you have guests over certainly not everyone is use to having dogs at home neither they would be able to coupe up with the presence of the dog in the certain room while the dog remains there and is quite an overwhelming experience of being scared as well as excited. To avoid any such circumstances, all we need to be careful about is that the dog stays put in a place/room which has his basic needs of water and food, also a stuff toy which can keep him busy so he doesn’t whines and cries for it’s owner to be with him;

2) It is for sure to be thought about all these concerns, we can not shove it up on others head that to live in and to deal with the dog whether they like it or not. The ethics is all about to be careful so in order to not have any such horrendous situation and any case of dog bite, we need to keep in mind that when guests are over please keep your dogs inside.

Therefore, once you have pets make sure that you train them properly, teach them manners and tricks. If you have any further queries then message us on our social accounts or directly fill in the contact form.

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