Two Sides Of A Picture

In the image shared above, you can see a dog and a man sitting at the back side of the truck in heavy rain. This image shared is not taken or clicked by (me) it’s just viral on the internet. The reason it is being shared here on my blog is because I want to know, how appropriate is this image for you.

I don’t know but majority of you would come up with the conclusion that it is just a rain, but for me, it is not just a rain in which the human and a dog are being sat without any proper cover from the rain. Everyone knows that it is not sane to have your dog tied in the heavy rainfall while the person next to the dog is also being getting wet and might fall sick. I don’t really understand the fact of showing off your dog even in such a weather. Without realising that the dog or the man would get sick by being extremely wet due to rain.

Therefore, it is always requested to please intervene if you spot any such thing happening before your eyes. Atleast we can educate and help people who are being astray.

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