Meet Tiger: My Rescued Cat

He came like a mob, conquered my heart and life and my space with all that he had. Cats are adorable and this can be only said if you’ve ever had a Cat! No matter a breed or a stray, they all have a same heart, emotions and feelings and yes they all hold the same attributes as well.

The pose shared above by my adorable Tiger, was when he was sitting on his favourite spot and I randomly clicked his picture. He was very fond of camera and all you need to do was to simple take the cell phone infront of him and there he would be there in his pose. Oh yes! A wonderful memory that my heart holds of him. I remember the first time when his mother left the kittens and he took care of his siblings. He wasn’t friendly at all, aggressive and such an attacker. What a flashback of memories I hold within my heart.

I have to admit that all the animals as pets holds a different space in our hearts and conquer them with frolics.

If you have some cute stories to share then let us know and we shall share it on our blog.

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