Monsoon Rain In Karachi

It is that time of the season when it rains life gets still. Life in Karachi paralysis specially for those with little of less facilities like the others. We do wanted rains for our City and we have prayed to our Creator for it therefore, we cannot blame the blessing as the Humans have not performed well and before time, when they knew that the rain was expected in the early days of September.

Usually what really happens is that for some rain is a blessing (which sure it is and for multiple reasons) but we should ask those who are affected the most. I have two maids at home and one of them really gets upset when I tell her about the rain forecast, we usually have a lit conversation while she works around the house. It was just yesterday that I told her that the weather is changing and I can clearly see the clouds formation which was ready to pour it’s first droplets. She literally stood with a pale look on her face, upon asking she replied “we can’t enjoy the rain, as the water comes inside our house, the roof starts leaking and as we don’t have a solid roof it troubles us a lot. We then need to fill buckets of water in order to take out the water from the house”. When she told me her story, somewhere in my heart it made me say “Alhumdulillah”, why? Because that we are so much better than others in many way. But at the same time it made me wonder and upset because my maid is already going through a turmoil and now this rain will be a hindrance for her-adding more to her responsibilities. She often told me that when she passes by her area, she gets distressed as she witnesses that how people have tied their sacrificial animals with the pole of electricity and when it rains, the poor animal has to let go off his life. It is really inconsiderate for most of the people who are so careless for themselves and others and that also includes Animals.

It is always requested:

1- Please don’t take your pets out in the rain and unleashed;

2- Don’t make them walk on puddle of water, which can lead to an accident;

3- Make sure that your pet is not tied to a tree or any electrical pole or even close to a wet wall;

4- Rain is good, but don’t leave your pets in the rain for them to be drenched till they get sick.

Most of the people have the habit of letting their pets go in rain without understanding that how dangerous it can be at the same-time. Kindly, keep your pets safe and under your observation today and always!

Stay safe everyone!

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