It’s All About Happiness

It is ascertain to feel accomplished when you’ve fairly helped someone, fed a hungry person or saved an animal’s life. The feeling is so pure and totally indescribable.

Have you ever helped someone and felt the same? Those who are blessed with a thought of even going an extra mile to save a life or feed a poor, that person is actually Blessed. It takes a heart to be a lending hand for someone in need, it is not what we observe everyday. There are multiple stories where we find people helping others when in trouble and some of them are not even Humans. It is very rare to hear or even witness such an act. Most of the people have actually had the guts to ask me “why do I help the animals, is it worth it”

Woah! What a shocking question for me to answer to such people, I mean seriously! It is more likely an awkward moment for the person who is asking but never mind. Why is it still so abnormal to help an animal? Just because, may be for some they are not ‘worth it’. Humans are brought on this land having the equal rights as of animals, we shouldn’t forget that we might be the Superior being but not the ultimate. Every act of kindness is countable and every act of terror is equally countable! We shouldn’t under estimate the power of ‘Karma’

Always remember, what you sow is what you get. What goes around, comes around. Be good to all and never take anyone for granted!

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