Hit And Run Cases

There have been many cases about daily road accidents but the one that always taken away my breath is when I get to know that there has been a hit and run case of a tiny puppy, donkey, cat or a kitten. Many of you would say that Human life matters the most but my question to those people is who made these questions? Who made us so capable enough to judge who’s life matters the most between the Human or the Animal? Have you thought about this first? Well, if you haven’t then start thinking about this because we should be very clear about our point of view when we sit in a public and making these statements out in the open cannot be always healthy. As there are those who don’t think like us infact, they think beyond our thinking.

All I would request the readers is to just drive safe and watch out for the ones who cross the road and certainly emphasising for the Animals, unfortunately, they are the ones who face lots of injuries and no one cares to treat them irrespective to whatever reasons. Also, it is advised to keep your speed low as many lives could be saved.

Stay safe and drive carefully.

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