Covid-19 On The Rise Again

Dear fellows, this article is not different than any other as we are here just to add a reminder that Covid is not over, the attack of the virus is again on the rise and therefore it is requested to you all to please take care of your Pets like you did earlier.

If you have cough, flu or temperature then please do not hand feed your pet, do not let them lick your face or your hand either. The cases of the Animals contracting the virus from Humans are rare but still exist, in order to avoid the Animal going through any misery it is requested to you to please stay vigilant with your health. If you feel

You have the symptoms and not feeling good like before then it is better to quarantine yourself, this way you would not spread the virus and also keep yourself away from your Pet. There was a case of Nadia, a Bengal Tiger who contracted the virus from the zoo keeper along. Along her the rest of the 9 Tigers got hit by the virus and this was in Bronx Zoo. So in order to avoid any such situation, it is humbly requested to please avoid any physical touch or gathering in which social distancing is not being considered. Remember, nobody would be able to care for you, as it will be You and Your Room only, so it’s better to stay far and safe.

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