Friday Post: One Day Yet To Come!

I wasn’t a kind of a person who I am today. I was a person who was into myself and my hobbies, but one fine day it all changed when my parents got a cute doggy home, whose name was Sandy (named by my Daddy). We grew together, she was throughout my life with all her love and devotion fought with illness until her liver function failed at the age of 13. Doctors said that she lived her life like a Queen and gave bonus years of love, devotion.

She left but her memories is all I have. Everyone who has owned a Dog would know the difference that comes within self. Nothing remains same, everything changes and I think, everything changes for good. Animals turn you into a better human being because they teach us humanity, love, care, they share affection and makes us responsible enough because pets are responsibility till the end of their time. So I guess, what I am today it is because of my Pets.

If you have a story to share then go ahead, we would love to hear it from you.

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