Saturday Post: Think About It

I remember as a school going child, my parents always told me to make friends with those who are compatible with my thinking and who can be the best of best friends. As the years passed by, with time and life experiences I realized that what Parents had taught me back then seems to make sense now, when I am double than my that previous age and I have to agree that whatever they told me about has turned out to be true.

Despite of many unpleasant situations and life struggles, we often take our family for granted that we forget that they are the ones who stand by us during every fall and rise. In the midst of the everything, I now think that what I am today, the perception that I hold and the thought process that I have is nothing Mine, it is from Heavens Above. I remember that couple of years back my mother asked me what would I do in life if I didn’t complete my studies? I simply told her that I am created for doing something different and being unique in every aspect. Neither did I know, right after 20 years, I am now an Animal Advocate, Animal Activist, Blogger for Animal Rights and an Animal Whisperer from Pakistan. Being an Animal Whisperer isn’t easy, but it is for those who understand and develop a bonding with the Animal of any size. We shouldn’t be so proud of ourselves because this is not what we wanted to become, everything that has happened in life has happened because HE wanted you to be what you are today. I always thank my Lord for blessing me with such an attribute of helping people in the time of need and ofcourse for raising voice for the ones who needs the most-The Animals. How cruel it is to witness each day that the life of an Animal on the street is not safe than any Human who walks by the aisle. What an ironic situation of life it is. We cannot be thankful enough and yet we cannot be proud enough of living in such conditions where we are not sure of our safety.

That’s why maybe I have developed my keen interest in animals because they are pure and so affectionate and they ask nothing in return, like Humans. All I request you is to be kind with every living being that you see, you have no idea what trouble or harshness they must be facing.

If we can be a bit kind to everything that we have then trust me, more kindness shall be rewarded and in the most unexpected ways.

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