Is Your Stray Cat Pregnant While Still Nursing?

Here is all that you need to know about your Stray Cat. It is a known fact or Myth that you can say that Cats cannot get pregnant as long as she is still nursing kittens, but that’s not reality.

FACT: Actually when mother cat is nursing her kittens she can get pregnant just about a few weeks later after giving birth. Unspayed female cats who have litter after litter become malnourished and exhausted from pregnancy, nursing and the stress of raising and protecting their kittens. Always keep in mind that when you’re feeding stray cats then you need to take care of their health and quality of life, therefore it is always suggested to go for TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release), and this can be done before the cat gets pregnant. This would help the female cat not get pregnant and her health would hence improve.

We all know that kitten season never ends as they reproduce all year long.

One of the reason why I have to now get my Walkie Talkie spayed as this was the second time she had their litter and now I can’t let her have another litter because this might result in her detoriating health.

If you have any stray cats and you think you need to take care of them then do get them spayed, it’s good for you and for your Pet’s health.

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