Sunday Post: Winter Chills

Yes it’s that time of the year, where you shall get snow, rains, hail storm or chilly evenings. It really depends on which side of the globe you live in. The place that I live doesn’t gets snow but yes it gets cold and this weather gets pretty harsh on us. We are not use to cold weathers as Pakistan is a warmer place, where we are use to Heat Wave and torrential rains at times.

Just make sure if you get to see an animal stranded outside your house, seeking shelter then kindly do the following:

1- Give them a cozy blanket so they can easily sneak in and sleep;

2- Do knock on your car’s hood, engine and check under the car as the cat or a dog might be sleeping underneath your car to seek shelter from the cold wind;

3- If possible then place warm clothes, blankets or if you have any spare cat bed then you can simply place it outside your garden, patio or where ever possible. Yes, if a carton would work in this weather.

Being a bit considerate doesn’t asks for much, it’s just that what we do for ourselves, we can do it for animals as well, I guess. Being kind is all that is needed, a good heart and a bit of an effort and the effort that you’ll going to use, is going to be beneficial for you only.

Stay safe and stay warm!

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