Are You Superstitious?

It is a common myth that the people are superstitious when they witness a black cat that crosses a path, or they by mistake walk under the ladder and etc, there have been many stories that I have been listening to since I was born, really! The point is that these are the colors and there isn’t anything wrong with any specific color, unlike the way people interpret it.

In my religion, it is learned that Islam doesn’t believes in superstitions because they don’t exist and it only exist if you don’t believe in God, our faith is strong that we don’t need to be involved in any of such baseless things. Honestly, it’s just a black cat and that’s it, people take it so negatively that they don’t even want to have them around. I remember, when I had my Black Labrador beautiful pair, I use to get to hear a lot of things from my closed ones that why do I own black Labrador pair and why this color and why didn’t I chose any other color. My point at that time was that it’s just a color and apart from that, they stand out in their jet black tint, honestly I really use to feel bad that why are people telling me to let them go and return them from where I got them. I just felt so bad that I made it a point that I am going to keep them until I am alive and that was it, no matter how many things I got to hear from everyone I kept on keeping the, we shared a beautiful bond of love and affection and I got to explore another breed to a whole new level. I had visitors over and they use to ask me whether I would take them to any Dog Show, as they had all the points that needed for a trophy. The only thing that made me contended was they turned out to be a handsome and a beautiful couple. Over a period of a year, they had their first litter and to my surprise I didn’t even know that the female labrador was expecting her first litter and I didn’t have any clue on how to take care of the new born babies, where would she give the litter and so on. Until the day arrived, the beautiful puppies came into my life and filled it with lots of poop and pee :), apart from that, I got to learn how dogs can teach us to be a good parent. Most of all, the puppies were of two different colors, this time it was 2 blacks and 2 white and 1 chocolate brown. It was such a beautiful sight that I can’t even tell in words. I was only thanking my Almighty for the beautiful babies, the creation is just so perfect that we as Humans cannot deny it. I really didn’t care about the Black color of the puppies, it was the people who use to make fuss out of it but I didn’t care as well. I could have kept them if I hadn’t traveled to the united states of America. That year was a game changer for me, a total eclipse of my life, where I was not able to understand the distance that I was getting away from my dogs and myself, but I guess it is the time that heals and we get to understand the master plan by the Almighty.

I guess it is the mindset that we are brought up with, nothing else really matters, as what matters is your faith, that’s it. This is what I believe, if you guys have your perception then do let us know in the comment section below.

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