New Year’s Eve!

Finally it’s that date of the year, where we all celebrate the coming new year with open arms welcoming all the good fate to enter our lives and fill it with laughter, joy, success, health and wealth. Since it’s a night to celebrate, don’t forget to distant for yourself from the crowd, mask up, use sanitizers, do not have any physical touch as health comes first. I am sure majority of you must have had your vaccinations, but for those who still didn’t, you should get your jab done! You know why, this is help you from getting on ventilator atleast, Covid is just another flu, but it doesn’t means that you take it lightly, you should still consider is as deadly as before, as your safety comes first than any celebration.

On a night like today, all I would request is that please do avoid using firecrackers, they do look nice shining in the sky but honestly, it’s really not safe as well as dangerous as well. With these fun thing of Humans, Animals are the ones who face the music always, they cannot stay in one place peacefully. These firecrackers scare the animals to death and which makes them confused and some don’t even make the night as the loud noise destroys their nervous system which wrecks their whole system to breathe in.

Therefore, I request you all not to use firecrackers this year!

Have a Happy New Year 2022!

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