Sunday Post: All What They Require Is Your Attention

Animals are those beautiful creatures created by our Lord who only understand the language of Love. As we all know love has no barriers and it depends on the person how he relates to it. Some fall in love with Animals, some with nature, some with Life and some with everything what they have, so basically it all depends on how we make the perception about the things around us.

Have you ever wondered that how come people call themselves as Animal Whisperer, it is not because they call themselves as, it is because how they are well-conversant with the Animal they have around. The most amazing part of life is that the passion you have to work for Animals, come along way, and it is not a difficult thing to actually step up for the Rights of the Animals whether as Domestic pet, Wild Animal or even as Stray Animal. We as Humans should understand the trauma these animals go through whether in confinement or where ever. We won’t get to know how one who is hungry would feel on an empty stomach because by the Grace Of Lord, we have the best of the best meals available on our dining table. We wouldn’t know how it feels to sleep in a cold night without blanket or a comforter because we have what it takes to feel warm. Ever wondered what these animals go through throughout the day and night when the weather gets a bit cold or hot. We cannot imagine the agony and pain they go through. First they fear from the predators then they fear from the monsters aka Humans, who are always in a rush and without being attentive, they hit and run over an animal. So basically, it is the poor innocent animal who has to deal with our mood swings and rash car driving, what is their fault? Is it their fault that they ended up on the street? no it isn’t, it is our fault that we let that happen. We ended them up on the street to live a life of agony and pain.

At times, Humans really disappoint me with their ill attitude towards Animals and I end up feeling more for the Animals rather than the Humans. This feeling is really upsetting for mankind. We need to work on our acts together.

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