Winters Are Here

In the recent weather update it has been showcasing that the weather in the Metropolitan City Karachi, would tend to drop and might witness the first rainfall of the season with lightning and a bit of thunder. It is requested for you all to take care of yourself and your pets in the best capacity as you can.

The weather may it be summers or winters, just like Humans, Animals also feel the extreme changes of the weather and that’s why out of humanity, some people who feel the urge to help these innocent souls have either kept empty carton boxes in their house outer yard or either have given space in their houses. The reason this is being shares is to show that how you can help one another in this noble cause. I believe everyone of us has and have had done something good for nature and therefore, they are always blessed with something good. This is how universe works, if you do something good then the universe will bring the good for you in your life. You wouldn’t have to do much though, just a bit of few things and you can help save an innocent soul. All you need to do is the following, if you really want to make a difference in the life of an animal then follow these steps:

1- Keep an empty carton box, a bowl filled with cat/dog food;

2- A clean bowl of water;

3- A cloth placed in that carton box to make it a bit comfy.

These few steps can bring a change in someone’s life and the best part is, the reward that you shall earn from Almighty is something that you would have never imagined. You and I know, how it is like to feel cold and have nothing warm to wear, imagine these animals struggling to live each day and then have no warm cozy place to sleep. Yes, it’s difficult. So just try to make it a better day for them by this kind act.

Share your thoughts and act of kindness in the comments below, we shall be delighted to read it out.

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