Saturday Post: Weekend Vibe

Every Cat owner knows the frolics our pets do when they are upto some crazy thoughts of bugging their owner. Today, I would be sharing an interesting video of a Cat who is so friendly and yet very thoughtful towards every visitor who comes over to her place for delivery.

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The last two years have been really tough for every person over the globe needless to say, each one of us have had ups and downs in life and it was just getting crazier and crazier each day where we got to hear about the Covid-19 outspread over the globe and how scary it looked. Somehow, some of us were lucky indeed (touchwood) who had their best friends with them by their side, where there were lots of fights and arguments at home, there was this one little furry friend who was present there to calm you down once you are done with your high period of anger. It was none other than your Pet. That’s right, the credit does goes to them because all this time, our sanity was only because of our pets who stayed by our side and tolerated our bad temper yet showed no reactions except of giving up on showering us with love and affection. I can relate to this situation as I believe I was dealing with different things at the same time, mentally stressed and the only way to divert my mind was to be with my pet dog, Diesel. He has been with me through all the highs and lows and has never ever left me alone for a single second of my life, no wonder I call him as my Anti-depressant. It is surely a blessing in disguise, because I would have never known his persistent love for me until the time we dealt with never ending Pandemic.

The vibe the animals give to humans is a source of love and affection which cannot be found in any of the loved one as well, they have this sort of unique way of healing Human wounds, whether it is physically or mentally their presence simply vanishes all the sorrows once they come infront of our eyes. Like it is said, every living being has their own way of healing and loving. We all need to think and act wisely, as we do not know until we get to see some things closer and wider.

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