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Every being deserves to live on this land, as they hold the equal rights as of Humans. I don’t understand why is it so difficult for Humans to understand that they are not the ones to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die. I am pretty sure, the amount of negativity we spread amongst us is for sure not worth anything. Even if we do a bit of kindness, even that act would wash away our sins, the trouble and the misery that we give to Animals on day to day routine.

It literally tears up my heart when I see or witness children ill behavior and their parents show no concern to them as for them, the animals are a source of entertainment and they can be treated any way as the Humans like, which I totally DISAGREE to! We have no right to mistreat any living being at any cost, we should not do any such act which can cause trauma to the animal and we should avoid playing with the poor animal’s feeling at the same time. Needless to say, majority of the animals that have ended up at the shelters are those who have been brutally beaten, molested, traumatized, abandoned or thrown as a garbage on the road. You can see it from their eyes, the pain that they have been through, ever imagined how is it to stay hungry for days, to stay out in the street without any cozy corner in the winter? How would you feel? Obviously, at the first instance all of the thought would be like “I have a cozy bed and a blanket, why would I feel anything”. That’s the whole point, to realize to feel the pain, agony and misery that the poor innocent animal goes through. It is for sure not easy to deal with people’s mistreatment and then ofcourse to be sure not to be hit and run over by the car as well. That’s what gets even scarier, the little kittens and puppies that I see on road, I always wonder that how did they even make it on the busy road, because the amount of heavy traffic it is, for an animal to survive on such a road is something of a Big Deal, it is not easy at all. Therefore, I request you all to please drive safe, if you cannot drive slow then drive safe, it means to take care of the wheel and to stay vigilant while you drive, because there are some innocent souls on the street who are trying to either cross the road or are trying to figure out the traffic which they are not used to.

Every act of kindness that we would do would eventually come back to us! It’s just that we need to stop being negligent towards Animals existence. They also deserve to live freely just like us.

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