A German Shepherd’s Story

It is always said that German Shepherd’s are great guard dog and it’s true, they are enlisted as the top 10 guard dogs Internationally. What I have noticed is that when we (Humans) find out that a certain animal is used for a specific purpose, we would do anything to get that animal so that our work could be done through that specific Animal. When we talk about guarding our houses the first thing that comes to our mind is that if we keep a Guard Dog, then there wouldn’t be any issue of robbery or any intruders hide and seek.

But how the owner has kept him in the chain that the poor dog was sleeping and eating in his own shit, tied to a tree with a meter long chain only and in the middle of nowhere. Kudos to this man who helped and got him free from the cruel chain which was tied around his neck.

Check this Video and let us know how would you have reacted if you had encountered such a same scenario.

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