Dog Collar Or Harness?

It is a usual thing when we keep a pet we usually see pet Dogs wearing Collars around their neck. Mostly at first before getting a pet it is actually very important to notice and study that the Breed of the Pet Dog that you own is of which characteristic, meaning which breed is it because if you are getting a collar for a Toy breed then it is absolutely not required because toy breeds are either short statured or not aggressive. When we tell you to know about the breed it is because, if you will have a Aggressive dog at home then you need to do the right Parenting. Yes, when we use the term parenting it means you need to start training your puppy the moment he steps in your house. That is the right time to make sure he understands the most common words that you use with him and make sure that he understands and listen to the commands. Dog Parenting is no different than Human Child Parenting because they both require attention, effort, love, care and support and of course, patience is very important because it is the Animal that you would be training and you need to be good at it 🙂

The moment you have a Pet Dog with you, there are certain things that you should know before owning one before. It is is always better to get a puppy within the age bracket of 45 days meaning 1.5 month to 2 month because then you would be able to keep the puppy under training and the more the baby understands the less difficult it is to train them. Usually the puppies outgrow too soon so yes, harness would be required if it is not a toy breed, because Harness is a lot safer and lighter on the body unlike the Collar as it can easily choke the puppy and cause neurological problem at a later age and am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen. At first all my dogs wore a Collar as I didn’t find the need of harness as there wasn’t any push and pull factor for me because I didn’t take them on walks as I had a huge house with ample place for running for the dogs at the front yard and the back yard also, even the Vet who visited me at first was amazed that I don’t need to take the dog for a walk as they have the whole house to themselves, easy running around so exercise was no drill for them. I got them Collar when I had them at my place, because once the Dogs are trained of wearing a Collar, they won’t bother you for not wearing it later as of course as a baby whatever you will make them learn or do, they would adopt it in the same manner. When we talk about the difference between a Dog Collar and a Harness, we are actually trying to explain the repercussions or the side affect of the two. I would like you to click Here to find out why Harnesses are mostly preferred than Collars.

Hoping this information is useful for you guys, if you need to ask anything then write in the comment section below and I would revert back soon.

Stay tuned for more information.

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