Endangered Specie Laid To Rest

It is the universe which was created in pairs and we are the ones who are identified as Superior to the rest of the beings as we have been blessed with the ability of identifying and correcting our errors or doing what is right, watching ours and others actions and directing the path. Yet, at times we deviate and fall a back which puts a question on Mankind. A beautiful video has been shared across the social media which shows a beautiful Female Tiger has been laid to rest wrapped in flowers and her funeral was conducted with respect.

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She gave birth to beautiful healthy 29 cubs and was named as Super Tiger Mom for bringing order to the woods. She was considered as a beacon of hope as for her species. We all know that the Bengal Tigers are now an endangered animal and one of the reason that we should work together to take care of them for our future generations to understand and witness the beauty of the Animals.

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