Keep The Ocean Clean

Most of my childhood has passed by learning about the Cleanliness habits that we should have in order to keep our City Clean. I remember that I use to see the boards on which it use to be written “Keep your city clean by not littering” but I guess this is something which we cannot learn ever!

If you get to visit Karachi, the Metropolitan City, you would certainly head to the sea-side and the first thing that you would notice would be a clean long road onto the side is the never ending sea. Once you go close to the shore, you shall witness garbage thrown everywhere, even dog’s poop and other animals poop as well which are there for everyone’s ride. Ever wondered what happens to the ocean when we throw garbage in the sea? How come you have never thought about the under the sea life, there are Animals surviving down there, it is their right to live, and it is something which their Lord has blessed with. Why Humans are so inconsiderate? I am totally out of answers, specially after watching this video it made my heart cry! Why we cannot think about anyone else except for ourselves!

You tell me what would you do if you get to witness such a situation? For me, I am unable to sleep at night, because I cannot put anyone’s life in danger and sleep peacefully.

Comment below if you have an answer to my question.

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