In The Loving Memory Of Bella The Labrador

It’s been almost 5 years since you left us Bella. It’s true when we say Animals take the most of the space in our Hearts. All we are left is with the beautiful and unforgettable memories to cherish with. The bond that we shared was amazing, the best was when she use to enjoy my presence while I worked on my articles and she kept on chewing my laptop’s charger until I figured out that she was notorious and knew all traits of taking attention.

Miss you buddy. Till we meet again over the bridge ❤

Everyone one you knows how does it feels to lose a pet, it is sad, frustrating, heart breaking and traumatizing. It is really not easy to come out of the death of your beloved pet whom you have raised from a puppy to an adult dog. Who doesn’t even knows the world beyond their owner. It is very to say someone to stop crying for your lost dog, because that pain is so unbearable that it cannot be controlled. I hope no one ever should go through such pain and it is so painful and hurtful. Losing your pet is the worst feeling ever and those who have been through this would be able to understand.

Love your pets, shower them with lots of care and affection and if they come to you for cuddles, then give them what they need because once they’re gone, you will miss each and everything they did to make you calm and happy.

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