If He Can Do It, Then We Can Too

You know what is humanity? Being in the shoes of someone who is hungry, who doesn’t have the privilege to sleep with stomach full and even no home to live in. But, being humane is called humanity, to give shelter, food, clothes to those who doesn’t have it, being there for someone in need is called Humanity and the real person who has actually defined Humanity is this man.

Watch the video and you shall know what is Humanity.

If he can then why can’t we? 1 parrot once came to his roof and he fed her daily, now that 1 parrot has actually turned to 500 parrots and he feeds them daily. Now imagine, how is he surviving and how is he arranging the food for these parrots by his own pocket.

We believe in such kind act and hence would like everyone of you to do the same, if he cannot have any hinges then we shouldn’t too!

What do you say about this? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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