Rescue Stories Do Place An Impact On People

I had previously said that every day there is a new story, a new incident, case of or about a pet being punished or chained for long hours or being beaten badly by the owner. My point is, why to have a pet at the first place? If you want to take out your frustration on the poor animal then please, don’t bother keeping a pet at home because they are not meant to be treated that way. Why would you keep a pet at home and torture every day, that poor animal doesn’t even knows why he is going through the pain and hence at the end, the pooch lives in trauma. Is this why you want a pet, so that you can take out your frustrations and failures of life on these beautiful creatures?

Watch This

Hats off to this neighbor who had the guts and all that it took to rescue the dog, I am sure the moment of accomplishment he would have felt after getting the dog would be pleasing for him. Can you believe it that little pooch is only about few months old and he faced so much bruises, trauma and injuries on his whole body. Such a beautiful dog and that freaking owner ruined his life! This is really traumatizing for the dog. I just hope that the dog recovers and never faces any such issues ever again.

If you cannot keep a pet please don’t bother to have one and don’t make their life miserable because you have no idea how they suffer on the streets to survive just another day.

Think about it.

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