Saturday Post: Asthmatic Dog Gets The Treatment He Deserved

There is so much of hatred in between us that we often end up hurting the ones who are innocent souls on this planet, who have no idea what they had done to be treated barbarically. Similar is the case of this Dog, who was treated badly by his previous owner, he had thrown him out of his house and this doggo felt sick under the rainy weather.

He is asthmatic and is under treatment by his new owners. This dog is so patient and quiet while he gets his oxygen, because he knows this is for his own good. The new owners are very concerned about his health and are present every time whenever he needs his oxygen as he gets an attack as they have to nebulize him.

We wish and pray that he gets well soon, I pray that his previous owner should be punished severely that no one ever tries to do such a thing to his pet, ever.

This dog didn’t deserve to what his owner did to him, and we plead to all of you, who are about to have their pets, to please take care of them, don’t throw them out of your house, train them well as we know, NO breed is difficult to be trained. It all boils down the treatment, love and affection that you give in to that bonding with your Pet, in order to develop such a relationship with them. Train them well and see how well they would reciprocate.

Stay tuned for more news.

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