Animals Are Family!

Make sure that when you get a PET at home then you have completed your homework thoroughly. What we mean by homework is, that you as a family have sat together and discussed about all the responsibility and liabilities that would come with the pets.

It is very essential to understand that once an animal has been taken by a family, then it gets very difficult and nearly impossible for the animal to be on it’s own when the family abandons them. We do not understand only one thing and that is why would you take a pet at home and not take care of it? When you know that you won’t be able to take care of the pet for the rest of your life, then why to even give hopes to the poor animal? They have a heart, emotion, sentiments and they do feel sad and pain when their loved ones leaves them alone, you know why? because all you meant to them was FAMILY, and all what you thought about them was a PART OF YOUR LIFE.

Being a part of family, being a family is totally different thing. Read that again if you feel some confusion and then think about it.

We are talking about a living being and not a thing that can be kept at the corner of the room like a piece of decoration.

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