Not All Shelters Are A Safe Place!

I am sharing a very heart breaking story down below. This is a place in Karachi which was once opened by the name of a nice, pious person who worked day and night for Humanity, who opened an orphanage and who got the baby girls educated and got them married, who made an impact on less privileged, he was Edhi Sahab, a great noble man. What is more hurtful is that an animal shelter is being run under his name where the management is totally opposite to what Edhi Sahab was.

This is shared by our esteemed member and a rescuer herself Sarah Jahangir.

I’m sure most people might not care or be affected by this, but how is it okay for “renowned” institutions in Pakistan to get away with cruelty with animals? bayzabanon ka koi nahi dekhta.

The Edhi Animal Shelter near toll plaza is in a deplorable state, and while Edhi Saab did miracles for humans – running an animal torture chamber under his name is an insult to the entire institution. We have tried to appeal to Faisal Edhi to let the individuals interested in helping, help manage that shelter and make it something amazing that everyone can be proud of, but yet to receive any positive response

We have videos and photos showing the reality of it, but every time it is shown and posted, people focus more on defending the Edhi name instead of seeing the reality. And when we post, they threaten the individuals trying to help there that they will stop them from coming and feeding and taking sick animals for treatment. blackmail.

One doesn’t have to love animals to do something about cruelty.

The shelter is dirty, animals are sick, there is no proper care there, no proper system for water, managing extreme heat, or cooking food.

The individuals in their own capacity are sending chichras from their own pockets but that is not the solution at all. Most domestic animals cannot even digest that.

So I ask once again, why is it okay with renowned institutions to get away with extreme cruelty?

Why is it so difficult to accept when you are wrong, and just make it right?

Anyone who can help us in getting the animals out of their miseries please come forward.

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