Just A Little Something About Someone Can Tell A Lot

A tiny act of kindness can actually say a lot of words about that person. A whole new story can begin and one can go on and on. The way we treat animals just doesn’t represents us but also represents the family that we belong from, it is the whole chain that comes into our action and that’s how we are analyzed. I don’t really appreciate that we should do good only because someone is watching us or we should be nice only when people are around.

Only one person would be of a kind who does good when no one is watching, who speaks well even to those who can give nothing in return and who does good deeds towards Animals while they cannot even give any monetary benefit. This type of person is rare, but are found, I know as I have seen and there are many who have done alot but have shared none because all they know is that they don’t want to impress people but have to make their Lord happy by helping those on the land.

Always remember, whatever good you put out in the world, comes right back at you!

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