Saturday Post: Meet My Baby Diesel

Hi, my name is Diesel and I am a Mastiff and South African Boerboel mix, my owner got me from a vendor at the street who was selling me for few bucks, I was lucky to have been rescued at that time because then I don’t know where would I have been then. I was named by every kid ( my owner was only 15 when she bought me) in the house because I had the habit of running and running and running faster than the other dogs my owner had. I use to run faster and eat everyone’s food from their bowl, I use to unlock myself from my place and then ran around to show off to my fellow dogs and in return the German Shepherd use to bark and bark so my family gets to know that I am unlocked and roaming and eating their food. The good thing was that my fellow friends never said anything to me, actually, they never had the guts to say anything to me because I was the only alpha. My owner had A labrador puppy who was just weeks old and she saved her life from a vendor who was selling her, she was so tiny that I use to stay away from her because she was so delicate. Then my owner had German shepherd puppy of good 8 weeks, she was very curious and wanted to wander, explore and search everything she could do around but the problem was that we all stayed together and never hurt anyone and we protected the little labrador puppy that my owner got.

Overtime, now I am the only one who is reining in the hearts of my family and now my owner has expanded her heart and rescued plenty of cats who stay outside the house but always try to get in when she is not seen. I have to keep an eye on my owner that when she is with them, because I get a bit jealous but I also take care of the little Nutty (I believe she must have told you about him) a little puppy whom she has gotten vaccinated thoroughly. So yeah, I am fine with him.

I am fine with all, it’s just that nobody should enter my territory.

Stay tuned for more if you want to know more about me.

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