Watch The Transformation Of This Rescue Dog

Animal rescues are not easy and with every rescue cases we deal with sudden abrupt moments, the moment which has some grievances, sorrows and some are filled with happiness but unlike the one we are about to share.

Watch Here

Rescuing an animal is when the poor soul is left alone to die on the street or has been abandoned for various reasons as per their owners. When we look at the poor animal we only realize that why did the pooch had to go through all of this. We need to understand that these animals are living beings and they deserve to live the way they want. That’s how nature is. We do everything to please ourselves, whether it is about cropping ears or tails for winning the Show, this is really something I don’t support. I have had a Rottweiler and I currently have a Boerboel (South African Breed), everyone told me to get this ears and tail cropped so he looks good and I was suggested to take him to the Dog Show as I had such a breed which would win plenty of Trophies but to all of them I had only one reply and that was “My dog is family and is not a Show Dog, I won’t get his ears or tail cropped as he is my pet and that’s it”. To date, I follow the sane and I have no regrets, you know why, because I didn’t want my dog to go through such trauma, that’s how he was born and that’s how nature brought him in the world. We can’t challenge that, simple!

So please, take care of your pets and let them live the way they want, don’t treat them as a nobody, they are your family and not a part of your family. They have sentiments, expressions, love and affection and all that they need is your love forever.

Just take care of them until the end of time.

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