One Day Your Dog Won’t Wake Up!

Everyone have a certain criteria when it comes to adopting pets from the shelter or foster homes. Majority of them are interested in the ones who are of good Breeds, sadly but it’s true. Over a period of years, I can now actually give a count of people who are most interested in having Pets of good Breeds and would be more interested if they are not on sale. Money factor, yes. In my previous articles I have mentioned, requested to everyone that keeping Pets is a lifetime responsibility and to keep up the pace is not easy, one has to give up on a lot to understand, develop bonding and ofcourse set schedule when you have pets at home. It just needs a proper set up alas homework! One should get their home work done when interested in keeping Pets. It is very easy for Humans to adopt a pet and then after sometime, you just simply go back to that place from where you got your pet and leave them there, do you know what trauma they go through? Do you know what do they feel, and how do they feel? Have you wondered how would they actually spend their rest of the days, without even knowing what was his fault! Do you know, one day he won’t wake up!

Yes, this image just shattered me into pieces because just the thought of abandoning a Pet terrifies me because, they don’t know how to survive by themselves. This is just not acceptable that you would just leave the dog at the shelter just because you weren’t able to take care of him.

Be kind, think twice, think the way you expand your Human family. When you are so much wanting to have a child, you actually do a thorough checkup with yourself that are you willing to raise a child, to go through every toil that would come with baby. Similarly, you have to sit down with family, think about what tasks each one of you would have to do once the furry friend comes in your life, how would you train and where would you keep him, and how would you keep him, everything, just like the way you think about the baby, similarly you have to do with the Pet. It is something, that is very important because it is a life that we are talking about. We cannot play with anyone’s sentiments, emotions, feelings, because the one who is hurt, complains the Lord.

Therefore, it is requested to be kind towards Animals and don’t make their life more miserable by bringing them in your life and abandoning them after a while, this is such a cruel act. Think before you want a Pet, as they are living beings, and need your attention 24/7/365 days!

Make a wise decision by thinking millions of times before having a Pet, don’t play with their little heart.

Think about it.

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