Fire Works On 4th Of July!

This was the only day when lots and lots of people gather everywhere to celebrate the Independence Day! Fire Works, drinks, flags, cars honking, lots of traffic jams on the highway, some of them heading out of state and some of them heading to their relatives house for some party. But somewhere between all this, the animals are the ones who are neglected, scared to death and horrified with the loud noises that we Humans make.

You must have seen, witnessed or watched millions of videos where the Animals are shown that they are either having seizures, or are shivering with fear or have ran out somewhere without figuring out where they have wandered to. I want you to mention in the comments below to tell me, how many of you have used fire works this year to celebrate your happiness and do mention if you have witnessed any such occurrence anywhere.

Head out to the comment section below, I’ll be waiting.

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2 responses to “Fire Works On 4th Of July!”

  1. namitadash Avatar

    I am a pet parent. I totally get your point. They are so traumatized with the sound of fireworks that it takes them a day or two to regain their composure.


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