Life Of A Stray Animal Is Not Easy

With each passing day, a new story, a new cover, a new accident or an incident comes to our attention but some of them really break us apart. With so much of negativities around, with heart felt stories here comes a situation where a stray dog gets attracted to an animal shelter as the barks of dogs in the nearby shelter made her feel connected and wanted to reach to them as she was pregnant, but due to so much of walking and searching around for the shelter made her tired and exhausted that she (stray dog) found a place where she could stay for the night. The moment she started crying, the rescuers nearby her could not stand the painful noise and went out in search of her.

Watch Here

Majority of the dogs do end up with rescuers or shelters but most of them are ended on streets and hence they lose their lives and no one ever gets to know about them.

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