Saturday Post: Don’t Abandon Your Pets Ever!

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Today is the beginning of the weekend, and many of you might be having plans to hangout with your friends or family, before I go on I just want to ask that how many of you would ever abandon your Pets when you realize that you have no place to go or have to travel or have financial crisis, how many of you would abandon your pets with the situations you are dealing with? Do mention in the comment below, as I would be anxiously waiting for the answers.

Mostly what we have witnessed and seen is that people without hesitation always take Animals for granted and that as if it was never meant anything to them, their existence is just a burden on them and that they hold no sentimental value towards their pets, people with dire consequences or situations are the ones who end up begging their friends to lend them a helping hand in need, because there are no other place where they can keep their pet until they find a home, but unfortunately what happens is that the same people end up giving the pet forever, in short abandons them!

Watch Here

This man in the video is someone who has no clue what is left behind in his passenger seat and what next he is suppose to do!

A plea to all of you, to please think before you have a pet at your place, they are living beings and holds the similar sentimental values with emotions and feelings that you feel for something or someone. Don’t just take them for granted just because they are Animals, these animals also have the right to live on this land equally as us, the only problem is that they are the ones who are not considered being included in a family as Family Members.

Do mention in the comment below about my question asked above.

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